If you were to order a TALL you should get a shot (1.5oz) of spirit with your mixer of choice in a TALLER glass. By taller we mean a larger glass. Same amount of alcohol but more mixer. You should be charged $8.00.

Neat: Mostly used for brown spirits (whiskey, scotch, cognac etc), Neat is similar to the UP order. The only difference is your bartender will not chill your drink. NO use of any ice. Any drink ordered NEAT will come in a rocks glass or snifter. You will ‘traditionally’ get a 2oz pour straight from the bottle. Staying with $8 most bars go with an up charge of $2.00 for the additional ½ – 1 ounce.

Note: If your bartender doesn’t ask if you want a single or double, the majority will get the same amount of alcohol. (2-3oz.) each bar is different but most here in Rochester pour a 2 oz

UP will ‘traditionally’ be chilled in shaker filled with ice before being strained into the desired glass. This dilutes the drink with water from ice as well as alters the taste (Shaken or stirred) 2-3oz drink – $10

ON THE ROCKS: Instead of pouring into the shaker your bartender will put ice in glass and pour spirit over the ice. 2-3oz – $10

DOUBLE: This order will get you one of two pours. Some bars will pour you a 2oz and some will pour a 3oz. Be sure to ask what they pour before ordering this. If you’re paying double the cost of a single ($16), find out how many ounces for an ‘up’ or ‘on the rocks’.

When you order a TRADITIONAL GIN OR VODKA MARTINI, you should get 2-3 ounces of spirit. If your bar charges $8 for a single shot you will ‘probably’ be charged something like $10 for this.

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