Given the potential liability, anyone planning an event where alcohol will be served, should take precautions. Event planning should, also,  include a plan for preventing overindulgence. Even the most careful planning is not foolproof.   Liquor liability insurance coverage is a necessity.

Our team of bartenders have completed a NYS approved program to recognize and prevent the misuse of alcohol.  By completing the T.I.P.S program and combining this with our Liquor Liability policy, we have placed Rochester’s Top Shelf Staffing inc. in the forefront of a nationwide movement to reduce the over indulgence of alcohol and provide a safer environment for you and your guests.

In summary

If a caterer is serving alcoholic beverages, be certain they are properly insured with liquor liability coverage.

Top Shelf helps protect you and your establishment from liability

Top Shelf will recognize behavioral cues and prevent customers from becoming intoxicated

Top Shelf can intervene and refuse a sale/service when necessary

Top Shelf will accurately check IDs and recognize minors